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My name is Henry Raphael Glovinsky. I was born in New York City and will be forever inspired by the city’s endless lines, colors, and peoples.


I studied Visual Arts and History at Fordham University and moved to Los Angeles several years after graduating. California's large skies and distinct color palette have given fresh inspiration to my work, particularly the landscapes.  


I am fascinated with color and movement. My goal is to portray the world proactively- not simply accepting first impressions as the total experience.  I am endlessly observing and questioning my surroundings.  I do not want my reality to be a snap experience which fills in the blanks before my faculties have been given a chance to customize the experience.  Like a long exposure photograph, patience is as important as the location.   


Growing up I always loved to draw. I have kept a sketchbook for over 16 years. Sketching is a way for me to download my mind, interpret surroundings, and process experiences. My sketchbooks have become a record of who I am and my transformation into adulthood.


I truly believe that anyone can make art. Having originally been interested in filmmaking and acting, I try to remember that to create is the same no matter the medium or materials. My most trusted measure of self-worth is my creativity. 

Henry R. Glovinsky


    © Henry R. Glovinsky 2008-2016

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